Hammer Nutrition – Interview with Mitch DeYoung

Mitch DeYoungMarch 2022 interview with a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete, Mitch DeYoung

Mitch DeYoung is an endurance athlete that is sponsored by Hammer Nutrition. Mitch was willing to share a few of his secrets to success. We asked him some questions related to nutrition. Check out our conversation below!

How long have you been using Hammer Nutrition products?

I’ve been using Hammer Nutrition almost as long as I have been racing, over ten years. I tried a number of other fuels earlier in my career and always found my way back to using Hammer Nutrition. Hammer has always worked best for me, and it agrees with my stomach, even after 24+ hours on the bike.

What are some basics you can share with riders that are just getting started with riding?
The first thing I tell a newer rider to do is to make a fueling plan and test it. That means looking at how long your event will take, estimating how many calories you’ll need to get though and determining how you’ll get them, along with keeping hydrated. For longer events, I make spreadsheets with the time and distance between aid stations and what I need to consume between each to ensure I’m optimally fueled for the day.

The second thing I recommend is to read Hammer Nutrition’s Secrets of Success booklet Even if they are not going to use Hammer products, the recommendations and tips are priceless.

Are there different products you use for a 30 miler vs. a 130 miler?

The products I use vary depending on the length of an event. For something lasting less than two hours, I typically have a shot of gel about 15–20 minutes before the start and then use HEED throughout the race, usually at about 180 calories an hour.

When events last longer than two hours, I prefer to use Perpetuem instead of HEED; Perpetuem has a little protein, which can help prevent muscle cannibalization as your body starts looking for additional sources of energy. I’ll also add in Anti-Fatigue Caps and BCAA+ and Fizz for my hydration/electrolyte needs. What I really like about Perpetuem is that I can make bottles with more calories in them, so they last for multiple hours. That way, I can have all the calories I need in a bottle or two and have water in a hydration pack; allowing me to ride longer without having to stop and mix bottles constantly.

What is your favorite flavor?

  • Cherry Bomb HEED
  • Café Latte Perpetuem
  • Espresso Gel
  • Chocolate Recoverite

What was your most challenging situation where Hammer Nutrition saved the day?

One of the first memories that comes to mind was just last year. I was out on a group ride, one of the guys ran out of fuel and was starting to bonk. Luckily, I pretty much always carry an extra gel with me. I gave it to him and 5–10 minutes later he was feeling better and was able to finish the ride.

I could list of so many times when it wasn’t really saving the day but fueling the day. From an unsupported ride across Michigan from Ohio to Sault Ste. Marie, to multiple Marji Gesick 100 finishes and even just going out to have a fun ride on the local gravel roads.

How long have you been sponsored and what is involved in getting sponsored?

This is my 6th year being sponsored by Hammer Nutrition, and before that, I was part of the Hammer Ambassador program. The biggest thing about getting sponsored by a company is knowing it’s not just about getting stuff from them and winning everything you enter. If a company was looking for that, they would only go after the top couple pro’s. What I’ve found most companies look for is someone who knows the product and likes to tell others about it, someone who is a good example in the community of what a cyclist should be, and someone who is involved in their local cycling scene.

Can you share the best way a rider can purchase Hammer Nutrition products?

The two easiest ways are to either go to www.hammernutrition.com and place your order, it is incredibly easy, you have access to all the products with descriptions and how to use them. If you want a little more assistance, call Hammer at 800-336-1977. The staff at Hammer HQ is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Another option is to check for a dealer near you: https://www.hammernutrition.com/dealers

Any other nuggets of wisdom you can share?

The best advice I’ve been given over the years is really quite simple. Be consistent in your training, fuel the work, and recover just as hard as you train.