Saturday, March 27, 2021

Below are the protocols we followed for our October 17, 2020 race.  As of this writing, December 3, 2020, we plan to follow this same schedule.  If COVID-19 conditions improve, we'll tweak the schedule accordingly.  


2020 text and schedule below

In order for Dirty 30 to happen this year, we have to follow strict COVID-19 prevention guidelines.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.  Please mask up at the start, stay masked up for the first mile of the race and mask up after the race.  

Packet pickup 7:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Outdoor drive-up packet pick starts at 7 AM at Saranac Community Church.  The church address is 125 South Bridge St, Saranac, MI  48881.  Enter the southern most drive of the church parking lot.  Please drive around to the back of the church where you will be greeted by packet pickup volunteers underneath a tent.  You may drive on either side of the tent.  Your packet with your racing plate, twist ties, tshirt (if purchased), Hammer Gel, free breakfast wristband for the American Legion and other swag will be handed to you in a bag.  If you have questions, please drive around to the front of the church where another volunteer can answer your questions.

Starting line on Vosper Street 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM 
This year, to limit the size of groups, waves of up to 50 riders will start every 15 minutes.  Gun time will be used for each wave to calculate finish times.  Each rider will be separated by 6 feet at the starting line.  Yellow dots on the road will designate where each riders' front wheel must be placed.  Masks must be worn before the start and riders must wear a mask for the first mile of the race.  Mile 1 will be marked with a sign titled 'Mile 1'.  There will only be one wave staging area on Vosper St.  Please do not arrive early and congregate.  Below are the wave starting times.

Wave 1, start time is 9:00, start lining up at 8:50
Wave 2, start time is 9:15, start lining up at 9:05
Wave 3, start time is 9:30, start lining up at 9:20
Wave 4, start time is 9:45, start lining up at 9:35
Wave 5, start time is 10:00, start lining up at 9:50
Wave 6, start time is 10:15, start lining up at 10:05
Wave 7, start time is 10:30, start lining up at 10:20

Finish Line
The finish line will be on Division Street this year, just west of the Saranac 24-7 Express Car Wash.

No awards ceremony
As we can't have crowds this year (this is our normally our favorite part of the race), we cannot have an awards ceremony.  If you are eligible for an award, you will receive your award in the mail.  We are waiting until 2021 to award team competition winners.  These awards are very sizable and breakable.  Also, we are delaying the gravel bike raffle to 2021.  2020 registrants will automatically have 1 raffle entry for the 2021 drawing.