Packet pickup will be at Saranac Community Church.  Pickup up will be in a drive through format and will hopefully be as pleasant as driving through Chick-fil-A.  The church address is 125 South Bridge St, Saranac, MI.  There is no parking available at the church unfortunately.  
The start will be on Vosper, which has been part of the course in years' past.  Note that there will be wave starts and 6 feet of separation within the start chute.  Please do not get to the start too early.  There will be 3 wave chutes.  Each wave will be separated by 2 minutes.  Masks must also be worn in the start chute, for the first one mile of the course and after you are finished with the race. 
The finish will be on Division, just before the Saranac Car wash, also part of the course last year.  
Parking can be found on the west side of the Dollar General Store, the Saranac 24-7 Express Car Wash property, the property to the east of the car wash, the Boston Saranac Historical Society, in the Sparrow Medical parking lot, parking at the new rail trail trailhead, overflow north of the trailhead and on Depot Road in the grass.  There is also some prime parking near the start just east of Vosper in the parking lot of the future home of Harker House, a senior living community.  Parking is also allowed at Galilee Baptist Church and the adjacent school parking lot.  Bathrooms are available in Galilee Baptist Church.