All cyclists must wear a helmet.  No ear buds allowed.  Your bicycle needs to be in safe, working condition, ie, front and back brakes need to work.  Stop by the Freewheeler Mobile Bike shop before the race if something unexpected comes up.  
The Dirty 30 course takes place on open roads, so all Michigan road laws apply to all cyclists.  Cyclists must obey all traffic signs, may not ride more than two abreast and should not cross the center line.  
The Dirty 30 course will be well marked with arrows at every turn.  Key intersections will be manned by volunteers and Ionia County police.  
We will race rain or shine… or snow. In the event of a thunderstorm, tornado, or freak lake-effect blizzard, we will postpone the race until conditions improve. Find secure shelter if severe weather occurs before, during or after the event.  We will not be able to reschedule to a different date if weather causes the event to be cancelled.  Please bring rain gear and umbrellas if necessary.