XDirty 130

The XDirty 130 course is simply amazing.  Pristine woods, amazing river views and kids' bikes strewn in the middle of the road.  These are just a few of the sights you may see on this gravel adventure of a lifetime. 

We can't thank Matt Acker enough for his in depth knowledge of everything gravel.  Matt was quite involved in the Dirty X130 course design.  Thank you for being so awesome and gracious Matt!

In a time not so long ago, during the 1840's, Saranac lumberjacks felled trees with grit and determination using hand tools.  The monster trees were delivered to a saw mill in Saranac, MI, where the wood was cut for the furniture and construction industry. In that same vein, XDirty 130 riders that complete this extremely challenging 130 mile course within 9 hours will be awarded the coveted XDirty 130 HATCHET. Not only is the hatchet a work of art to admire daily, it can (and should) be your companion on your next adventure.

Don't think you can finish the XDirty 130 in 9 hours?  Have no fear, you won't leave without something!  Finishing this beast of a course is a huge accomplishment and reason to celebrate.  Riders that take longer than 9 hours to finish will still take some finisher bling home to reward them for their hard earned day in the saddle.

All XDirty 130 registrants will also take home a Dirty 30 Events t-shirt as well as well as custom bright neon yellow socks!  

The XDirty 130 is a solo endeavor.  No outside assistance providing fluid/food is allowed in the XDirty 130.  If you break down or become injured during the XDirty 130, please contact your rescue crew to be picked up.  New in 2023 is a partnership with JDRF, who will be providing rider and bike transport back to the start/finish in the event that you break down or cannot continue on your journey.  A donation of $45 to JDRF is required to reimburse them for their time.  The organizer or sponsors are not responsible for rescuing you.  Please also notify us if you are dropping.  There will be a phone number on the back of your race plate that you need to text if you drop.  It is very important for us to know if you drop so that we can account for everyone at the end of the day. 

Gas stations are available at mile 80 in Vermontville and mile 85 in Nashville.  There will be a water refill station in Nashville.  Refueling stations used on the 30 and 50 mile will be made available to XDirty 130 riders (miles 114 and 126).  There will be traffic control measures in place at select intersections outside of Saranac.  It will still be critical that the rules of the road be followed.  Front and rear lights are required.  There will be a timing point on the course to assist with tracking riders on the course.

Start time is going to be 7 AM.  The cutoff time is 13 hours after that, at 8 PM.  Sunrise on April 8, 2023 is at 7:11 and sunset is at 8:14.  Cue sheets of the course can be downloaded below.  It is strongly recommended that you have the course uploaded into your GPS as well as bringing the cue sheet with you.  Stuff happens, things break, so have a backup.

The XDirty130 is part of the Michigan Gravel Race Series (MGRS) and designated as the Ultra Course. 


What You Score With Your Registration!

-Potentially life changing event
-Limited police at select road crossings
-Water station in Nashville, aid stations in Elmdale and Ivan the Terrible. 
-Dirty 30 Events t-shirt
-Custom bright neon yellow socks

-Coveted XDirty 130 hatchet if you finish within 9 hours
-Finisher medal if you finish after 9 hours
-Top 3 finishers get an overall finisher medal
-Customized plate with chip timing by Epic Timing
-Swag bag

Pricing, Entry Limit, Deadlines and Start Time

-Early bird price is $110
-Registration entries are limited to 100 riders
-$10 increases on February 2 and February 23
-After Monday, March 21, a race entry is $150
-We decided to order extra tshirts for riders that registered for the XDirty 130 after March 2.
-Start time is 7:00 AM

Strava Link To Download GPX/TPX File

Below is the 2022 map.  The 2023 map still needs to be tweaked to display the start in downtown Saranac.
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130 Mile Strava file

Cue sheets for 2022 XDirty 130

Below is the cue sheet from 2022.  The 2023 map still needs to be tweaked to display the start in downtown Saranac.  The route is subject to change until all roads are confirmed open and rideable by this spring 2023.

Cue sheets for 2022 XDirty 130 rev2

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