Registration: D30 - 50 mile 2021

Below are the individuals that have already registered for this event.

First Name Last Name Category Team name (Team Competition)
AaronDora-LaskeyAge Group
AaronValdezAge Group
Aaron ZuelkeAge Group
AlexBojanowski Age GroupHuron Valley Racing
AlexHuygheAge GroupCadieux Bicycle Club
AlexSteinAge GroupAlger Bikes
AlexTenElshofAge GroupBase Media Racing
AmberDermyreAge Group
AndreaCherwinskiAge Group
AndrewFolkertAge Group
AndyHilderAge Group
AndyOsikowiczAge GroupPedal Flow
AngelaLoiselleFat TireT&A Cycles
BenMironAge GroupTeam Clark Logic
BenjaminSterrettAge Group
BlakeRoeberAge Group
BobMurrayAge Group
BradOBrienAge GroupREMAX markdeering.com
BradPruimFat TireStellafly
BradWheelerAge GroupFreewheeler Bike Shop
BraidenVossAge Group
BrianMillerAge GroupWest Michigan Coyotes
BryceBradleyAge Group
ChrisFalbergAge Group
ChristianGlupkerAge Group
ChristopherHolmesFat Tire
ChristopherPritchardAge GroupIntent
Clifford Dittman Age Group
ConnorDrooffAge Group
CraigDrozdAge Group
CyrusLoreeAge GroupCity Grind Cycling
DakotaHewlettAge Group
DaleGregoryAge Group
DanDeWaalAge GroupTeam REMAX markdeering.com
DanKanegieterAge GroupTitan/Inertia
DanKotwickiAge GroupWheels in Motion
DanSkinnerAge Group
Daniel Caldwell Age GroupAthletic Mentors/GREENWARE USA
DavidBrowerAge GroupBissell ABG Giant
DavidHurdAge GroupMain Street Bicycles
DavidLewisAge Group
DavidMessingAge GroupKLM/Coldstone
DerrickFergusonAge Group
DougZankFat Tire
DyllanWalkerAge Group
EarlHillakerAge GroupRogue Racing
EddieSteinAge GroupRogue Racing
EricMcBrideAge GroupWolverine Sports Club
EvanMislickAge Group
GregoryWorsnopAge GroupTEAM CLARK LOGIC
GuyColegroveAge GroupNEW BREED CYCLING
HansWhitmerAge Group
HenrySwintyAge GroupFort Wayne Outfitters
Jake Robinson Age Group
JamesHanlonAge Group
JamesHillAge GroupBase Media Racing
Jamie ClarkFat TireTeam Clark Logic
JamsonHendlerAge Group
JaredDunhamAge GroupAthletic Mentors / Greenware USA
JasonCrockettAge Group
JasonKiernaAge Group
JasonKloptowsky Age GroupR-bikes
JasonKochAge Group
Jason Kors Age GroupA1 Cycle Center
JasonLowetzAge GroupTeam Bearclaw
JeffHutchingsAge Group
JeffreyDarterAge GroupWorld Bicycle Relief Michigan
JeffreyFoxAge GroupTeam Consolidated
JeffreyJacobsenAge GroupFounders Racing
JeffreyJohnsonAge GroupIntent
JeffreySanchez BurksAge GroupCMC
JeffreyVanErpFat Tire
JeffreyWeaverAge GroupBase Media Racing
JeffryKlikaAge Group
JeremyEvansAge GroupThumb Run and Fitness Club
JeremyZeiglerAge GroupAAVC Ann Arbor Velo Club
JesseAndersonAge GroupTeam Consolidated
JesseBrennanAge GroupLucky 13 Racing
JesseLukeAge Group
JesseLukeAge Group
JesseScottAge Group
JesseSiemenAge GroupBase Media Racing
JimFloraAge Group
joebabiarzAge GroupPedal Flow
JoeShorbAge Group
JoelBretzlaffAge GroupATHLETIC MENTORS
JoelDiemerAge Group
John FrehrAge GroupWest Michigan Coyotes
JonAlumbaughAge Group
JonDelboySingle SpeedMarlboro Racing
jonrussellAge Groupjonathan russell
JonathanMeyerAge GroupLake Orion Dragon Cycling
JonathonBrinkerAge GroupCadieux Bicycle Club
JordenWakeleyAge GroupGIANT Bicycles/Northbound Outfitters
JoshuaSmithAge Group
JustinDayAge Group
KeithConwayAge Group
KevinOostemaAge GroupTeam Clark Logic
KolbyWoodAge GroupPedal Flow
KristiNeeldAge GroupBase Media Racing
LarryMckeownAge GroupFlat River Cycle Team
LarryPetersAge GroupEndurance Nation
LorettaHolmesAge Group
MarieVossAge Group
MarkBrownFat TireLucky 13
MarkBrysonAge Groupna
MarkFranceseAge Group
MarkKranszAge GroupEnclave Cycles
MattHoleAge GroupTeam Consolidated
MattLeVasseurAge GroupRevolution Racing
Matthew HenryAge Group Flying rhinos
michaelbattjesAge GroupFusion / Gentex / New Holland Brewing
MichaelGoetzAge Group
MichaelNeumannAge Group
MichaelNguyenAge Group
MichaelVizacheroAge Group
MikeChojnackiAge Group
MikePekrulAge GroupBilly's Bike Shop
MikeWickstrom Age GroupA1 Cycle Center
MitchellDeYoungAge Group
NathanJonesAge GroupA1 Cycle Center
NathanMichaelAge GroupSherman Street Cycling Club
NathanaelSabinAge Group
NicholasCecchiAge Group
Nicholas schneiderAge Group
NickBeardAge Group
NickBowenAge Group
NickBrinkAge GroupSherman Street Cycling
NickRobbinsAge Group
NicolasDeHaanAge GroupRogue Racing
NolanVanderzwaagAge GroupBissell ABG Giant
PaigeBoldtAge GroupTwenty24
PaulDiemerAge Group
PaulLissnerAge GroupLucky 13
PaulMuszynskiAge Group
RaceVollmarAge Group
RalphBuckinghamAge GroupBase Media Racing
RaymondDybowskiAge Group
RhodaMielAge GroupAnn Arbor Velo Club
RichardHillAge GroupA1 cycle center
RichardLandgraffAge GroupTeam Athletic Mentors Greenware
RichardMeyerAge GroupLake Orion Dragon Cycling
RoccoMularoniAge GroupVelo City Cycles
RodneyPalmerAge Group
RonWoodAge Group
RossJacobucciAge Group
RyanTolleyAge Group
ScottHarrisSingle SpeedGR GRIT
ScottWagnerAge GroupDRT/ Wagner Research
ScottWordenAge Group
Scotty AlbaughAge GroupBase Media
SeanEvansAge Group
SpencerBlazAge GroupHuron Valley Racing
StephanieShafferAge Group
SteveHarrisAge GroupLucky 13 Racing
SteveKunstAge GroupFreewheeler Racing
TammyWarnerFat TireT&A Cycles
TimWatkinsAge Group
TimothyStewartAge GroupTeam Clark Logic
ToddWanleyAge GroupLucky 13 Racing
tomwoodburnAge Group
TracyBermanAge Group
TrevorGibneyAge GroupSPIN
TristanHillAge Group
TroyEddyAge GroupRed Jacket Cycling
TyacieCorleAge GroupAnn Arbor Velo Club
VictoriaCaneAge GroupTeam Clark Logic
ZachSteinAge Group
ZacharyKnappAge Group
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